Friday, December 31, 2010

Hallelujah, Thank you Lord...we are home.

Okay....I am not meant for negative temperatures.  We left Jackson Hole this morning and it was -4.  Things for together.  Not pretty.  I would say this was the beginning of a very long day but it started way earlier and worse than that. Reid got up at 3 am and began throwing up!  We don't think he was sick maybe just tired but it continued thru the morning and D and I were freaking out about travelling with a vomit kid.  However, I discovered Dramamine and it's wonders.  Not only did it stop the nearly put him in a coma.  Yes...I know I am a bad mom...but really....he slept thru the ENTIRE DAY! He only woke up enough to get from one plane to the other.  I am buying that stuff by the barrel. 

My niece and nephew flew from Jackson Hole to Chicago to San Antonio and still didn't end up with their luggage. Not a great end to a great week.

We finally landed in Dallas at 10 to 50 degree weather. It was great!!!!  We plan to wear shorts and flip flops for a few days just to air out!!!!! 

I want to thank everyone who listened to us share our vacation.  We are going to keep the blog going..because (1) it is fun and (2) I love to spill all our secrets to the world. So keep reading and we all hope you have a great and Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My butt would be dragging but the ground is frozen....

Today was the last ski day....and we are dragging.  We have been going to bed a 8 and that never, ever happens.  The skiers and snowboarders heading out for a short day because they hurt and are tired. Whiners!!!  Terri and I did the shopping thing and Reid decided to tag along.  His little body is worn out from skiing.  In the afternoon, he and Derrick headed to the Elk Refuge here in Jackson.  Got some good pictures and had some father and son time which is very important.
Derrick caught these two duking it out in someone's backyard!!

Elk Refuge

Tomorrow is going to be a very long you won't be hearing from us.  We leave Jackson Hole in the morning and have a long layover in Denver and then land in Dallas around 10 pm.  We don't think we will have weather problems but we do think that other people's weather problems will mess with us. Pretty sure my "nice" personality will give in to my "mean" personality.  God help everyone.

My sister and I have agreed that we have spent too much time together so we are only allowed to text each other next week!!

We have had a great time but we are ready for our own beds, regular shoes, and not wearing layers.  Plus, I miss the beast and need her to chew on something for me.

Say a prayer for safe flight and we will talk to you in the new year!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

White has never been my favorite color!

Today was scary. We woke up to a blizzard...seriously.  Completely white and zero visibility.  The skiers and snowboarders couldn't wait to get out on the fresh snow.  However, everyone else in the state of 
Wyoming had the same idea!!!!  It was very crowded.  The snow was so tall that they lost Reid and his was enough to give a mother a heart attack!!  They found him and continued to plow through the snow!!!


Terri and I still needed to do some things in town which is about 12 miles away.  That is where the fear set in.  I drove and you couldn't see the road or the fields or the car in front of you.  Everything is white and blends in.  It was the longest 40 minutes of me life.  So...I think I deserve a medal! Ha!!

Tonight, we headed into town to eat really really good pizza and get a few 
t-shirts.  The square is always lit up at night and very cool.  We are now back in the condo warming ourselves up.  Tomorrow night it is suppose to get to 15 below!!  The Bruton Popsicles!!!

Our family potrait

We finally got the pictures of Yellowstone enjoy. 

Reido's shiner

Gearing up for the trip through Yellowstone
Derrick's Favorite is beautiful.

Snowing over a lake

This shot is for my brother, Randy, who loves buffalo.

Ninja Kale

Old Faithful

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No One Left Inside

Gina asked that I write tonight's post about our trip to here goes.....

We started off the morning really early.  We woke up at 5, got ready and met our driver, Dallas (yes that is his name) downstairs.  We loaded the van, accompanied by another family from Houston.  Small world eh?

After about an hour of driving, we ended up at the Heart Six Ranch near Yellowstone.  We suited up with snowmobile attire (helmets, snow bibs, snow boots), signed waivers, and then was treated to a great breakfast.

Then we loaded the van again and we were off to Yellowstone National Park.  Once we made it through the gates, our guide took us to our snowmobiles for a quick tutorial.  An important part of this lesson was "it' really hard to turn one of these over", as he shifted his weight back and forth trying to tilt it over.  Remember this, I'll come back to it in a minute.

The next important thing was to not turn the key completely to the off position after we stop.  Not because it would fall out, but that ravens would come along and steal the key!!  He said that when they were renovating a building in Y'stone, they found a bucket worth of keys that ravens had collected over the years!

We jumped on our snowmobiles, Kale with me, Reid with my brother-in-law Ernest, who was going to be last in line.  We all headed out, rounded our first corners and started down the road.  Our guide started off slow, then looked back to see that one of our snowmobiles hadn't made it around the corner yet.  So, we stayed put while our guide circled back to check on things.

Several minutes passed and then they both show up.  We spent the rest of the day traveling 80 miles down snow covered roads, stopping at the sites along the way.

Okay, now back to that tutorial.  At our first stop I learned that when Ernest was taking the first turn, he somehow managed to turn the snowmobile over on it's side.  He and Reid were thrown off.  Luckily, both are okay.  Reid has a small shiner on his right cheek.  Hmm.....I think our guide might have to change his tutorial speech.

We'll post some pics and videos in the next post....stay tuned.

Hey it's Gina now....We are having some technical difficulties with the downloading but promise to post pictures and more of the adventure in the next post or two.  We just really want to keep you guessing. Ha.  I will also post a picture of Reid's lovely knot/shiner!!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Who needs to go to Yellowstone to see wild animals...

Today was an early early day...the skiers and snowboarders had to get up really early to head out on the Yellowstone snowmobile adventure.  They had to be dragged out of bed at 5 am and bundled up to meet the tour guide at 6 am.  Terri and I were glad to have the condo quiet ....the crew won't be back until around 7 pm so I will be making another post later this evening with all the details.  I will give you a sneak peak....we had a little scare when Ernest and Reid flipped their snowmobile...they are fine....we think.

Terri and I headed into town because that is what we do. Please don't think we are lazy.  We do a lot of walking in the cold.  We just don't down fall down as much as the skiers do!!!  Today we decided to treat ourselves to a pedicure.  We needed it and it has been awhile for both of us.  First we had to stop for our caffeine break.  I took a wrong turn and heading into an area that I am pretty sure most tourist don't need to see...however, right as we decided we were lost, two young moose walk in front of our car.  They were just as casual as can be and walked right over the snowbank into the parking lot of a car dealership.  I am pretty sure I caused a traffic jam but I got the pictures.  Who needs to go to Yellowstone to interact with wild creatures!!!

What are two moose called...meeses?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Freezing Our Parts Off!!

Day Two -- With lots of moaning and groaning about hurting and being old...the skiers and snowboarders headed out.  I had to walk Reid to ski school and I must say that it was pretty damn cold.  The snow was falling fast and hitting me in the face.  I am not a "wet" kind of girl so I had to hurry along!!!  

Derrick and Kale hit the slopes and lots of fresh powder!  4 inches of new snow this morning helped a lot!  They did blue trails today.  Not sure what that means except that they were high in the mountains!  After ski school, Reid joined them for a run where they tried a small jump.  I have embedded the video below!!!

Terri and I headed back down to Jackson to explore the stores.  Jackson has an awesome "square".  Lots of T-shirt shops, galleries, clothing and knick knack shops.  They have a giant Coldwater Creek where they were having a 50% everything in store sale.  Terri bought a beautiful leather and fur jacket and I plan to make Derrick poorer tomorrow!!! We had lunch at a great little place called the Great Harvest Bread Company.  It was YUMMO!! 

This is the Antler Arch in Jackson Square...there are 4 of them. One at each corner.
At night they are lit up with lights and it is beautiful!!

We did a little more looking around but the weather was changing fast and the snow was coming in.  We headed back to Teton Village.  I was driving and we couldn't see past the sides of the roads and when we pulled into the Village area, we couldn't see the road for all the snow.  So I don't have many photos yet but the boys are heading to a snowmobile tour of Yellowstone tomorrow and Derrick promises lots of pictures!!

Hoping the boys don't run into one of these tomorrow!!!
We are all snuggled in for the night and everyone is dragging!!  Enjoy your beautiful weather and think about us with snot-sicles hanging off our noses!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We really didn't know how out of shape we were...

Today was a very busy day.  We got up early and got everyone dressed in their Pillsbury doughboy suits!!  The morning was snowy and just a little dreary. It made you want to lay in bed and cuddle but the boys were on a mission.  They headed to breakfast..then took Reid to ski school, Annelise and Shaun (niece and friend to snowboard school...and Derrick, Ernest, Kale and Nathan headed for the slopes.  They said it was awesome.  Fresh powder and snowy weather!!!

The view outside the condo (sorry it is sideways)
While they were getting a workout, Terri and I headed into town to get lunch and groceries!  Everyone comes to Wyoming to ski...Terri and I come for the mexican food!!  We discovered this little hole in the wall a few years ago and decided it made our trip!!  We made ourselves sick and then had to go walk it off at the store. 3 stores and a kmart later...we were done.  No one can complain that there isn't any food in the pantry. Terri was pretty sure that she saw Jason Alexander (Seinfeld fame) at Smith's.  Pretty good.  Tomorrow I plan to hunt down Tommy Lee Jones!!!!
This what I came all this way for!!!

We picked up Reid at ski school and he got an excellent report!! He moves up to the next level tomorrow!!  Kale and Derrick had a blast but were moaning when the got in! They were a little out of shape!! Ha.

Today was Shaun's 21st bday and we went to the Mangy Moose to eat.  This is the best place to eat.  I had salad, prime rib, potatoes and green beans. Oh...I can't forget the adult beverages!!!   We are back at the condo and unwinding.  The skiers and snowboards are crawling into bed and I am blogging and doing laundry. I am a multi-tasker!!
 The Mangy Moose

D and the boys at Mangy!!!

Tomorrow, Terri and I are heading into town to shop and explore!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Snow, Snow, Cold, Cold

We made it!! We hit Jackson around 1:00 this afternoon.  We were cold and starving but since it was Christmas Day, we had to look hard for food.  We found it and stuffed ourselves.  We unpacked and explored.  The skiers got their skis and helmets (safety first!) and now it is 8:00 Wyoming time and we are heading to bed.  I promise tomorrow that there will be photos and stories but now my butt is dragging and I will see you tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, ya'll!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Beast

Last Christmas we decided to get the boys a puppy!  We went to the pet store and there she was...a sweet looking chocolate-ish lab mix.  We wanted her and we took her home. We named her Snickers because she reminded us of a Snickers bar.  Her full name is Snickers Elizabeth Penelope P. Parker Farker Bruton.  Every dog is our family has Elizabeth in their name (boy or girl).  Yes, my middle name is do the math. Penelope P. Parker Farker is what my sister calls the boys.  I told you my family is strange.  Anyway, Snick joined our family in December 2009.

And we all lived happily ever after...hahahahahahahahaha.  We have since given her the title of "The Beast".  She eats everything.  No..seriously...EVERYTHING.  All her blankets, bedding, food bowls, toys, sprinkles, garden hose, four lawn chairs, Derrick's grill wheels and knobs, the back door and now her dog house.  Derrick says she is bored...I say she is part goat.  We buy her lots of rawhide chews but the are gone in a day...we think she buries them.  So for Christmas, we bought her the ultimate bone.  Behold!

We watched her for a few minutes with it and sure enough...she tried to bury it!! Good Luck, Puppy!!

She may frustrate us to no end but she does keep us entertained.  Merry Christmas Beast, Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Showing off my pride and joy!!!

A few weeks ago I remembered that I needed to do my Christmas cards. Most of you know that I am not a big fan of Christmas but I do love Christmas cards.  I love sending them and I adore getting them.  (Wonder if there is a job in there somewhere...hmmmm.)  Anyway..I decided to just put the boys on the cards this year.  They have grown so much and well, I just didn't feel like putting a fat girl on the card for the world to see.  So the boys and I got up on Saturday morning (D was at a 4-H event) and heading to the local park where the boys climbed all over the rocks while I tried to get the best start. 

I really can not believe he is about to be a teenager!!

The wind was blowing like Reido's hair is wild!

Look at those eyes...the boy is going to break some hearts.

Next we heading over to one of "fancy" Prosper neighborhoods where they have a gatehouse at the entrances.  We didn't get many shots here because of the wind but this is my favorite.

Pretty good is I do say so myself!!

Once we were done, I came home and started working on the cards.  Many of you will receive one in the others...send me your address and you will be on next years Christmas card list...for now....enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

America's Next Top Model is standing right next to me....

We went to Reid's Honor Choir performance  today at Prosper's Christmas Festival.  We froze our tushes off.  We hadn't been standing there very long when I turn around and find that we are standing about three feet from Ann Ward, this season's winner of America's Next Top Model.  She is a graduate from Prosper and I guess she was in the Christmas parade. Now a good mother would be excited to see her SON sing in the program but I was more excited to see Ann...I actually watch the show and love it ...don't judge. She is pretty and tall and very thin. Her brother who is a student at PHS is very very tall but the sad thing is...Kale is not to far from being the same height!

We are back home now and trying to warm up our frozen body parts.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I read so many...I might as well start my own

Hello World.! How's it going?  I have decided that since I read so many blogs and I have absolutely nothing else to do with my time...I would start my own blog!  Yea Me!! Derrick seems to think I will be the only one reading it but I am pretty sure my mom and siblings will read just for loyalties sake.  Then family is kind of strange and you just never know.  So to Mom, Randy, and Terri...Thanks for supporting me.  To everyone else...hope you enjoy The Bruton's crazy little world.

Aren't we a lovely and beautiful family?