Day 4

Day 4 was going to be an awesome day...full of fun and new things....little did we know....!!!  We started the morning by teaching the kiddos had to do DC's bus system and metro!!  I am not a huge fan of public transportation but I was game.  All I can say is "thank goodness Randi had her hand sanitizer!!" We didn't have any problems and we didn't lose anyone and we didn't fall onto the ...a good day!!!

We headed to the National Cathedral first. It is so beautiful.  Sadly, the Cathedral was hit hard by the earthquake and most of it was under construction.  We wander around and let the kids get a feel of it all while hearing beautiful music.  One of the coolest things about the Cathedral is that Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, are buried there.  We couldn't see exactly where they where but you could be in the area and that was enough for me!!!

 One of the iron gates on the front doors.

After the Cathedral, we let the kids loose on the mall and the adults headed for the museums.  Our first stop was American History Museum.  I wanted to see Dorothy's slippers and Fonzi's jacket.  I love Pop Culture!!!!  I know lots of useless trivia and I was ready to learn more.  Dorothy's slippers were cool...but a little faded.  Fonzi's jacket was in storage and in it's place was Farrah Fawcett's swimsuit, which made D very HAPPY!!!

 There's no place like home!!

 Michael's hat!

  Made D's day!

Archie and Edith's chairs

There was a great Presidents exhibit and one of the best parts for me was some of the First Lady's gown throughout time.  Derrick didn't really care for this part but I had to look at Farrah so he could just get over it!!!

 Michelle Obama's dress

 Nancy Reagan's Dress

Soon I began hearing my name being called.  So we headed over to the Natural History Museum.  I know it wasn't the dinosaurs calling it had to be this.....

The Hope Diamond.  It is amazing!!!  Randi Boleman is modeling it for us.  Derrick and Chris had to wipe the drool off our faces!!!

These are sapphires and I am pretty sure they are on my Christmas list!!

This museum had really good things.  The ocean exhibit, the mammal exhibit, mummies, and bugs.  I could have wandered for hours.  As we headed out the door to head to the National Archives...we were greeted with this.... He is from "Night at the Museum" We called him "Dum Dum".  Love it!!!

The National Archives is a very interesting and quiet place.  The Magna Carta, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence are all housed hear.  It is heavily guarded and very dim because bright lights damage the old papers. We were just finishing up with our tours and getting ready to go wait for the kids when Randi got a phone call that one of our 4-Her's had been hurt.

Now, I want to remind you people that I do not exercise. Ever. So when Randi said let's go...we took off running with Derrick and Chris right behind us.  We are all protective of our kids but when some person you have never really met gives you their child into safe take that job VERY seriously.  It seems several of our kids had found an outdoor ice skating rink.  Being Texas kids, this was a wonder to them.  Sadly, one of the girls fell and hit her elbow and knee pretty bad.  Because it was an ice rink and their rules are a little different, they had to take her to the hospital to get her checked out.  So Derrick and I loaded up with her in the ambulance.   She had never been to DC, never been in an ambulance, and never been in the was a night of first for her.  Our paramedics were awesome.  They were telling us about the crazies in DC, drove us right by the White House (they could get closer than normal people) and took us to George Washington Hospital.  Since she was missing out on some history by going to the ER...we gave her a quiz as to why George Washington Hospital was important.....Anyone??  It is where Reagan was taken after his assassination attempt.

I am sorry to report that I don't have photos of this adventure but just picture 4 hours in a DC hospital and think of a 19 day old pickle smell and you too can relive this!!  However, the staff was wonderful and our sweet 4-Her was a trooper.  She had x-rays and they put her in a sling until she could get home to see her doctor.  (She is doing great now....not as serious as we expected!!) She also got to experience her first cab ride. We got back to the 4-H center and we all trashed.  Day 5 was a big day and we needed to rest up!!


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