Day 3

We were up bright and early this morning to head over to Arlington Cemetery.  We swung by McD's to have breakfast and then off we go.  Sadly, our schedule was a little confused and the Cemetery doesn't open until 8 we sat in the bus for 45 minutes.  But our bus driver decided to start early on the questions and points and things got loud and very funny.  By the time the doors opened, Team Heart Attack was in the lead.

We were heading to the Tomb of the unknown soldier first thing and four of our kids had been chosen to lay a wreath. If you have never been to Arlington is put it on your bucket list.  It is a very peaceful and comforting place. I worried about 27 teenagers being quiet and respectful but they were incredible. They were in awe just as much as the rest of us.

 So beautiful!!

 The four that were chosen to lay the wreath...So serious!

Each of the adults chose a 4-Her from their group to lay the wreath.  Let me tell you...these kids were terrified.  The soldiers are very serious and this is so very important!  The girls were shaking!!

This soldier was in charge for the day.  He was loud and tough and scary while walking to them but as soon as he reached the kids and took off his glasses...he was so laid back. He wanted to know how they were, where they were from etc...I think it put the kids at ease!!

What a wonderful experience for all of us.  I was moved to tears several times throughout the day.  We also got to see JFK's eternal flame, the shuttle memorial, and the Memorial for woman in the military!  On a side note, in the past there have been trolley's that would take you around the cemetery but as of a few weeks ago they stopped those trolleys.  So you had to walk everywhere. It is a HUGE place and since we had to dress up, I wore heels.  Let's just say that I wasn't a very happy camper at the end of it all!!!  

We headed to the Air Force Memorial and then to the Iwa Jima Memorial.  The kids loved these.  The Air Force is get a pain in your neck looking up at it!!  Iwa Jima was incredible.  We were going to quiz the kids on this one and so they took off and study everything about it!  They read the plaques, the brochure, asked the ranger and even googled it!! This competition was a great way to get the kids interested in what we were seeing.

Our evening plans consisted of dinner at Old Ebbitt's Grill where the kids had to really dress up and use their manners.  They did great even when so of the food was different.  After dinner, we headed over to The Kennedy Center to see a play called Sheer Madness.  It was great.  It is a murder mystery that got the kids involved!!  Plus, we were on the first two roles!!! 

 The view from the balcony at the Kennedy Center....I did not see this
 because once again I had worn very high heels and my feet said NO!

 Kennedy Center

 The Crew styling!!!

 The Crew being silly!!

Doesn't D look handsome?

We ended the evening with a quick look at a few of the Memorial's that were lit up at night and then called it a night.  I believe we all crashed that night!!! 

Day 4 is on the way.......


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