Apparently I Suck at Blogging. has been six months since I lasted blogged the about the wonderful adventures of the Bruton Clan.  Seems we not as adventurous as we are busy.  And by busy, I mean...absolutely pure chaos.  It is a rare moment that the four of us are in the same house together at the same time.  I am pretty sure the boys are raising themselves and let's face it...they will probably do a better job that I ever could! 

Derrick is swamped with work and it never slows down (good thing we all happen to enjoy eating, sleeping, breathing really, we do...maybe just not ALL the time.)  Kale was busy with band and shotgun (not together...wouldn't that be something?), Reid was totally BASEBALL...we love baseball as much as we love 4-H...really.  And me...well...I get to do it ALL plus work.  Ah, the joys of being the wife, mother, dog handler, bus driver, cook (food picker upper), maid, secretary, mediator, policewomen and punching bag....we hit a lot in this family...but only nice hits...we are a bunch of boys, you know!  I hit the hardest!!! (Please don't call Child Protection is all in good fun and retaliation.)

I am not going to catch you up on six month worth of family fun, drama and dysfunction. I am not even going to hit the highlights.  Just know....we all need therapy....we all survived....and we all love one another....most of the time!

I still haven't replaced the camera so you won't be getting pictures this time around.  Instead, you are going to get an example of why my boys will probably need more therapy than most! (Hey, don't judge...I had therapy as a child and i AM FINE!)

The boys just got home from church camp on Friday.  They have been going to Camp Deer Run in Winnsboro since they were five.  Deer Run is the most primitive camp I have ever seen.  It has a pool and a creek and a rope.  That is it! Really.  And all the kids absolutely love it!  I don't even venture into the cabins when I drop them off.  I don't do smelly, buggy, cramped quarters....I am a Four Seasons kind of girl.  Anyway, they once again had a blast, met great friends, learned about God and brought home clothes that could kill you with the smell alone and tiny little uninvited guests.   My mom (truly a saint) does there laundry before I come to pick them up.  I would tell you that I try to convince her to just leave it.....but I would be lying.  Why do it when she is so very good at time.  This time she found a tick or two in their dirty clothes.   No big deal.  She killed them and moved on.  When the boys got home, they were clean with clean clothes. No worries! Hahaha!

Kale was taking a shower when he discovered he had a tick.  He pulled it off, killed it and flushed it.  Like a good child, he came down the stairs to tell me about.  

Me: "Okay...I need to see the bite."
Kale: "No"
Me: "Yes...I need to make sure you got it out"
Kale: "I need Dad for this one"

Fine...I get Derrick and find out it was on his butt.  As a mother, let me just say I was so excited to know that he actually had to  washed all of his parts in order to come across the tick.  All of you mothers of boys out there know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway, Derrick checked him out and he was good.  Derrick told me to go check on Reid and make sure none where on him.  Reid was sound asleep and I couldn't get him to wake up enough to help out so I did what most moms would do...I stripped him down, checked his front, flipped him over, checked his back, dressed him, covered him back up and kissed him goodnight.

The next morning he and I were talking about this weird dream....Sorry son, not a dream.  Hence the first need for therapy.

Derrick had to leave for State Round Up in Lubbock on Sunday so the checking of bites falls on the momma.  I told Kale that I needed to see the bite to make sure everything was good.  Now, I live to humiliate my kids: wearing my pj's and Uggs to take them to school, dancing in the car when we pull up next to their friends, yelling I love you when they get out of the car...but the look on Kale's face was utterly humiliation and defeat...he knew at that moment...his momma would always have the power to make him turn red with embarrassment!  I knew at that moment, I had more ammunition to use at a later date.  I love having all the power.  I am pretty sure both boys will face the threat of Lyme disease rather than have to suffer through that drama again.

So, you think they give a family discount for therapy sessions?


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