Another Year Coming to an END!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!  My family was home this year but decided that we like being gone so much better.  So I think we are either going skiing next year or on a cruise...or maybe both.  The boys can go skiing and the girls can do the cruise!

The boys are getting older and with it comes the thought of what to get them.  Kale had three things on his list...a gaming computer ($1200), a shot gun ($1500) and a new silver trumpet ($2600).....see where I am going?  Guess what he got??? MONEY!!  He now gets to save for his expensive taste!! (He is a boy after his momma's heart...I only want expensive things as well!!)  Reido had a baseball Christmas.  Everything he got was somehow related to baseball....but he loved it and that made him happy.

We decided this was the year that Reid needed to know the truth about Santa.  We tried to bribe Kale into telling him but he said no.  Little did we know that Reid was one step ahead of us.  Derrick was messing around and Reid told him that he was going to call Santa and tell him that Dad was being naughty.  Derrick asked if he knew Santa's number.  Reid looked him straight in the eye and said "903-245-1920".  That is my cell number.  Apparently last year my sister and I weren't quite as sneaky as we thought and Reido figured it out but he wasn't about to let on because we have a rule about Christmas....If you don't don't get!!!

The boys have stayed home this week and we are looking forward to a quiet 2012.  When we were waiting for 2011 to kick off, I had hope for a really good year.  What I got was a so so year.  We had lots of ups and downs...mostly downs...but we made it through.  The boys are growing and are happy.  Derrick and I survived another year of marriage without ending up in jail or therapy (that is huge for us!!). Some of us turned 40 and some of us didn't.  Kale is going strong in Band and made the All Region Band! Yea Kale!

This is Kale in his band tuxedo...
isn't he all grown up and handsome?  **Sniff**

Reido has become a baseball addict.  We finished Fall Ball and swore never to mention it again but now are trying to help recruit a Spring team.  I guess we all are addicts!!

Don't mind the pants...they were a little big.  He is an awesome little player!

Derrick and I have decided to lose weight this year!  We are both older and both could stand to lose 20 lbs or more.  I am not looking forward to it but it needs to be done.  So hopefully this time next will be seeing a skinnier me!

I have several resolutions this year.  Losing weight, being a little nicer to those around me (apparently I am bossy....who knew!), reducing our debt, travelling more and worrying less.  I am pretty sure some of those just WON'T happen but we can all hope.  I will try to be better about the blog because I know you all sit on the edge of your seat anxiously awaiting my next post (I mean that is what  I do with Lydia's blog!). I am trying to convince D to buy me a new less bulky camera  but I have asked for a lot of things who knows.

I will end this with a message to all of you.  I hope 2012 is a wonderful and prosperous year for you.  Remember to love more, live more and share more.  Spend more time with your family and less time with work, tv and drama.  Enjoy the little things and share the burden with the big things...that is what friends and family are for.  Remember that everyday is precious and live it to the fullest.  Say a prayer first thing in the morning and again when you climb into bed each night or often if you need it!!  And know that I am blessed to have each of you in my life.

Happy New Year!


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