Did you miss me? I missed you!!

Hello Friends -- It has been awhile.  I haven't really had much to talk about the last few months but that has changed.  Lots has happened!!  I got a great new job and feel so much better.  I am the new Volunteer Resources Liaison for the City of Plano.  I am in charge of two programs, a home repair program and the animal shelter.  I have a great boss and a wonderful co-worker.  The office is laid back and it is part time so I still get to hang with the boys. AWESOME!!!

The boys are loving school and doing great.

The best part of the last two months?  I got to go with Derrick to Washington DC to help chaperone a group of 4-H kids.  Derrick has done this before (several times) and they wanted him again this year and I jokingly said "Not without me".  A few days later I get a call wanting to know if I would like to go!!  This was about nine months ago and I have been thinking about since then.  I love history and I am especially fond of Abe Lincoln, so this trip was going to be incredible. It also took me nine months to figure out what to wear on this trip. I think I drove Derrick crazy!!

So just to warn you...the next few blogs will be about DC and the many exciting adventures of Texas 4-H!!!

 Derrick and I in front of the Capital!!!  
(Plus...we are twins!!!)


  1. Woohoo!

    Animal shelter? Does that mean you get first pick on all the cute dogs? ;)


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