Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where did the time go?

This weekend is going to be very hard.  Kale is going to turn 13 on Friday!! Seriously...a teenager.  It seems like yesterday that we brought our "baby burrito" home and now he is only a few years from leaving home and becoming a man. **Sniff Sniff**

Kale was born at 5:29 pm on February 11, 1998.  Dr. Tutt was so excited that I had him within "business hours"...only by a minute!!! I was the last one to have a baby that day in the hospital and all the nurses came in to help out.  We were very blessed.  They all started taking bets on what size he would be...6lbs 5 oz...7 lbs...even Dr. Tutt said that he would be over 7 1/2 lbs.  Kale announced his arrival and the room got quiet. Then I heard a soft "wow".  Of course I freaked out.  "WHAT?"  My first born weighed in at 9lbs 10oz.  We weren't quite sure where he had been hiding that weight because I wasn't very big.  He also came out very tan and with a head full of dark soft hair!!  Hence the name "burrito".  For those you who know Kale now...He is very tall and pale!!!

Kale was a great baby.  He slept through the night at 2 weeks.  Played well by himself.  Always polite and eager to help.  I just hope that come Friday...things don't change drastically!!!  Ha!!!

Derrick and I lived at the daffodil garden when Kale was born...
so all of his pictures have flowers in them.
This photo was taken just a few days after we brought him home.

Dad and Kale and the same hair!!

Happy Baby!

The Thinker....notice how the dark hair is now gone!!!!
Kale is now as tall as me and very handsome....just hope the junior high girls haven't noticed it yet!!
Happy Birthday MacaMoo....We love you!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life's big kick in the pants!!!

Well friends it has been awhile since I posted but it doesn't mean that life hasn't been interesting.  Here are just a few of the highlights of 2011 (good and mostly bad!!)

* the car needed to be inspected but a trip to the mechanic, a new thermostat and $650 later...I finally got the inspection (BAD)
*Reido got a stomach bug that would not go away.  He missed several days of school. (BAD)
*Derrick had District 4's Annual 4-H Lock-In at Amazing Jake's and it took everyone several days to recover. (GOOD and BAD)
*The laptop broke and we had to Southern Engineer it. (VERY BAD)
*The new Kindle broke and had to be exchanged. (BAD)
*Kale had his band lock-in and broke both pairs of glasses. (BAD)
*My brother came to visit and we all finally got to get together and have Christmas dinner!!! (EXCELLENT)
*Terri had to have shoulder surgery (BAD).
*Derrick's truck was making a weird noise and so a trip to the mechanic and $1200 and new bearings later...we are back on the road. (BAD)
*Ice school.. and Derrick couldn't get down the driveway.(GOOD for the boys and BAD )


So, all in all, January has pretty bad but with a few ups.  We all understand that Life happens and we learn to live and deal with it!!! 

I was too busy dealing with crisis after crisis to take pictures but believe really wouldn't want to see them if we had.  I probably looked like a crazy woman!!!

I hope your January was better than ours and here is hoping to a fabulous February!!!